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Apr 29, 2013

Save a model without triggering a signal nor the save() method

It happens you may want to save one of your model but without triggering any pre_save / post_save signal, nor the save() method of your model. Reasons could be, your are restoring some fixtures data, you don't want to update the object modification date that is configured with auto_now = True, you want to skip some validations, etc.

There had been a ticket opened in the past to request such a ...

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Mar 31, 2013

Mar 05, 2013

Django 1.5 released

Django 1.5 had finally been released after two release candidates. Let's have a look in details of what it comes with.

It is the first Django version to support Python 3. This feature required a long work and is still considered experimental : do not use it in production. Django 1.6 is planned to be the release ready for Python 3 production. In the meantime, this 1.5 ...

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