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Mar 11, 2013

Python integrated SMTP server

When developping web applications one often needs to send mails. It could be for example adress validation, notifications, or whatever. An underrated feature I wanted to share today is the python integrated SMTP server which could be a really good help in testing your application's mail features. Instead of having to deploy an SMTP server or you use your ISP's one, you can just type in your terminal ...

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Mar 05, 2013

Django 1.5 released

Django 1.5 had finally been released after two release candidates. Let's have a look in details of what it comes with.

It is the first Django version to support Python 3. This feature required a long work and is still considered experimental : do not use it in production. Django 1.6 is planned to be the release ready for Python 3 production. In the meantime, this 1.5 ...

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